Growing wings at the We All Grow Summit!

Hello Lovelies!
I am a few days late on my monthly post and with good reason! I just returned from the We All Grow Latina Summit in Long Beach, California and its taken me longer than usual to come off the high!  I am still feeling the energy of sisterhood that permeated throughout the entire weekend! Its an experience like no other and a great model for growth and development.

The We All Grow Latina Network connects Latina influencers with brand partnerships and opportunities for growth.  Every year they host an intimate gathering with 3 days of experiential networking and learning experiences that propel growth and lasting connections. This was my first time attending a networking event exclusively for bloggers and I wasn’t sure what to expect……and let me tell you the experience blew my mind! 400 Latina bloggers from across the nation, learning together and raising each other’s game.  Amazing!! The level of vulnerability and transparency every attendee brought to the table was nothing short of incredible.

During the 3 day summit, we shared resources, lessons learned and best practices. It was almost as though everyone chose “love” before walking through the door and for the duration of the event everyone was a friend and an ally.  In fact, I see many of the friendships that begun last weekend growing stronger in the coming years.  I have attended many conferences throughout my career, none trumps the inspiration I felt during this summit.  It’s as if the blogger in me grew wings!!


Day 1- The City of Long Beach rolls out the red carpet

We started the day with a boat ride of Long Beach, followed by a private tour of the Dreamland Exhibition at the Museum of Latin American Art and of the Long Beach Aquarium exhibits.   The last stop was at the Heliport! We got a bird’s eye view of LA and Long Beach.  The evening wrapped up with a reception inspired by the EPIC Friday Kahlo.

Day 2: Panel Presentations and Workshops

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing it was to meet some of my favorite bloggers in person, have the opportunity to learn from them and learn they are even cooler in person.  All of the presenters shared their best tricks and strategies and reiterated time after time: this market is strong enough for all of us to succeed, lets be better together!  I also got pampered by some of my favorite brands and I met a curly hair hero! Last but not least, I got to meet one of Scarlett’s She-roes, Elena of Avalor! Disney’s first Latina Princess.


Day 3: Panel Presentations, Workshops and Storytelling

My favorite part of Day 3 was the storytelling! So many amazing women shared their stories, their hurdles and how they succeeded against all odds.  I love that their stories presented different perspectives on what success, failures and challenges look like.  Their genuine stories inspired all of us in the audience to “let go of our fears” and “own our greatness.”

Of course, the trip would not have been complete without some memorable explorations of the city with some crazy cool ladies.   The beautiful scenery (and corresponding photo ops) is nothing to shrug off either!



………..And a clip of the Blogger shuffle 🙂

Without a doubt, I will be coming back next year and I highly recommend you attend one of the many mini gatherings We All Grow Latina Network will be hosting in cities across the US before then! Trust me, if you see them in your city, make every effort to go!

As we keep balancing where and what to put our energies in, I will admit my favorite part of attending the summit was my willingness to invest in myself and invest my time and resources in developing my skills and feeding my passion! Never forget, if we don’t make that intentional effort, then who will??

Until next month!


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