Fashion Diary: Blue Leather Jacket


Happy new year lovelies!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. My family and I took a long break for the holidays to reconnect and re-energize, I am back with more fractured brilliance for you all!!

Today’s post is about a totally out of the box, unconventional wardrobe item I purchased on a (impulsive) whim and ended up becoming my go to for the season!  This electric blue seamed leather jacket is by a small brand called G.I.L.I., it’s sold exclusively on and it has simply put a pep in my step this season!

Let me begin by saying that I have always been adventurous with my fashion choices and very early in my sartorial expeditions I purchased many (really mostly) items that were out of the box, bright, patterned and clearly statement pieces. After a while, I had a wardrobe full of statement pieces and very few “go with everything” pieces. For the last few years I have been really good about not impulsively buying everything that catches my eye and being thoughtful about striking a balance between statement pieces and basics that play a supporting role in my wardrobe.

If you have read a few of my posts (check out this post on my fashion philosophies if you haven’t) you know I buy multiples of items I like and feel are worthwhile investing in.  Initially, I bought this jacket in a rich cognac brown and have enjoyed wearing it the last two Fall seasons.  A few months ago, the additional colors went on sale and I just could not help but get another in a fun color because it was half off and the quality was really nice. So here is what I love about this jacket:

  • The princess seaming in the jacket provides out of this world waist contouring
  • The leather is soft enough to dress up but sturdy enough to withstand the rain
  • The color is really saturated and rich, which is great for my skin tone.

Since receiving the jacket a few weeks ago, I have had tons of fun dressing it up and down.  Below are two of my favorite looks:

Dressed up with a metallic tweed pencil skirt

pencil skirt: Banana Republic, bootie: Dolce Vita, turtleneck top: H&M

Dressed down with a warm red tunic and skinny jeans

tunic: J.Crew, jeans: GAP, booties: Aldo

So what’s in your impulse closet this season??

Author: fracturedbrilliance

Being a Mom, a Leader, a Wife and an Individual is not easy to handle all at once. Fractured Brilliance is about committing to be everything your heart desires in life. It is a weekly spark of my many brilliant sides that gives my multiple selves a space to shine one post at a time.

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