Soothing Itchy Winter Skin

Right around the time the jingle bells start ringing my skin begins to parch like sand paper:( It gets really, really dry!  No matter how much I prepare my skin for the brutal winter, once itchy skin sets in it takes 2-3 weeks of consistent moisturizing and an endless number of lotion-oil cocktails to get my skin back in shape and keep it moisturized until spring rolls around.  Unfortunately, my children didn’t fare any better in the skin department, the difference between my babies and I is their tolerance for sticky, oily skin is much, much lower!

What’s worse than their low tolerance is what I have to endure while whatever cocktail I apply consistently for 2 week soothes their itchy skin. In the case of my 11 year old, it seems I ruin his life every time I ask him to apply the sticky (yet effective) potions and in the case of my 6 year old, she doesn’t complain nearly as much but she leaves her greasy residue (oily finger prints) all over the textiles in my home.

So this winter, I sought out the most effective products that would penetrate the skin deeper and faster AND could be layered to create a comfortable moisture barrier.   Below is how I saved our family from the winter itch!

Step 1- Cleanse with Nivea Crème Moisture Body Wash


This body wash creates low lather suds that gets rid of all the dirt and grime and has a great gender neutral smell  Miraculously, it leaves skin feeling supple and not stripped.  The bottle is not very big, but a little goes a long way.  I will say, this body wash does not produce bubbles, so if you use bubbles as a bribe for bath time this might not deliver on that promise.  This body creme wash and the inshore lotion are available in drugstores and pharmacies across the nation, I purchased at Rite Aid.


Step 2-  1st round moisturizing with Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

img_2953Now, I will say that my 11 years old boy (who showers himself) skips this part; but since I “help” my 6 year old shower, we don’t skip it and it works like a charm! I apply the lotion right after the body wash and let it sit for minute.  I rinse it very lightly and pat her dry after the shower.  Side note of importance to mommies: this lotion doubles very nicely as a shaving cream. I often shave my legs with it while I give it a second to sink in on the rest of my body.  This version is infused with cocoa butter, but honestly, the entire line works incredibly well.

Step 3- Apply First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream to dry skin

img_2949This cream is EVERYTHING! It feels like silk, moisturizes like oil and dries almost instantly.  It is GOLD! The active ingredient in the cream is colloidal oatmeal but the cherry on top is the fact that this formula also has ceramides and eucalyptus oil, hence the fast absorbing and soothing properties.  This is the first body cream my kids don’t mind wearing and frankly this formula has given me the fastest results.

What makes it worth the whopping $40 price tag for a 14. oz. jar is the fact that it can used on the face as well since it is hypo allergenic; on really cold days when I know my normal moisturizer won’t cut it, I apply a light layer of this cream over my serum and my skin is plump and moisturized all day.  I order my First Aid Beauty products from but you can also purchase at Sephora.

So how do you keep your skin in shape in this brutal winter?? Share your winter itch potions in the comment below.

Have a brilliant week!


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