Fragrances I am loving this Fall


Happy Sunday !

There are many things I have committed to in my life: starting a family, a growing career, a perpetual fashion distraction…. but the one thing I won’t commit to is a signature fragrance. Not because I haven’t found a fragrance that completely captivates my senses and has me smell bound for weeks; in fact that happens all the time.  As of late, I have relied on rollerballs for these kinds of momentary crushes, mostly because I know there will be an end date and I will have the opportunity to reconsider.

If by chance, a fragrance happens to make it past the rollerball stage it can join my rotation and become a go to fragrance for one of the many women that collide to form Fractured Brilliance. The first post I wrote on the fractured brilliance blog was amazing woman, which was all about being the best version of ourselves as women and understanding that we can be all the things we want to be one moment at a time. Today’s post is about the fragrances I have loved for more than one rollerball and the woman they inspire me to be.

The woman: The Boss Lady who is an Enchanting Executionist

 Inspiration for:  Daytime presence that permeates and Day-to-Night opportunities that require me to get edgy

img_2911Gucci Guilty by Gucci – A floral fragrance that does not smell old or young or like candy! It is heaven.  Definitely the most provocative fragrance I would wear in the daytime, it has a depth that is intriguing.

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez – This fragrance had me at first sniff! It’s potent but not offensive thanks to the floral notes laced with vanilla.  Narciso has a beautiful dry down and it permeates (in a good way) like my leadership!


The woman: The Leader who is also a Wife Provocateur

Inspiration for: Interviews, the power pose and presentations..AND date nights that remind my husband he scored

img_2914Channel No. 5 – I am continuously amazed at how such a subtle fragrance that has musky powdery notes communicates power and seriousness.  You have to get close to pick up on the fragrance, which is great for the office or for environments where fragrance allergies are a possibility.

Jasmin Noir by Bulgari – My go to evening fragrance, I reserve this for nights out on the town.  It is incredibly sexy, the sexiest of all the jasmine fragrances I have tried.  It is dark, sweet and memorable.


The woman: The Mommy who is also a Feminist

Inspiration for: When I want my audience to be reminded Women can do anything including making my family feel my hugs even when I am not there

img_2919Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford – Its clean, light and androgynous! Unisex by design and perfect for those moments when I don’t want to smell too “sweet” or too “floral.


Amazing Grace by Philosophy – the most delightful subtle fragrance! It has a unique mix of citrus and floral notes that leave a trail of grace with every step you take.  It is the most embracing fragrance I have ever experienced.

According to Scientific American, fragrance can significantly impact a person’s behavior particularly when the fragrance or its main notes (rose, powder, floral etc.) are associated with a specific event or memory. That completely explains why fragrances have a way of transporting my mind and spirit to where it needs to be at any given point in time.  The effect of specific fragrance notes generates feelings and memories that can completely shift how I feel and behave.

P.S Fragrances always remind me of my mother who I swear is the best smelling woman I have ever met! I got it from my momma!

So what are you smelling like these days??

Smell you later my brilliant friends!

-Fractured Brilliance

Author: fracturedbrilliance

Being a Mom, a Leader, a Wife and an Individual is not easy to handle all at once. Fractured Brilliance is about committing to be everything your heart desires in life. It is a weekly spark of my many brilliant sides that gives my multiple selves a space to shine one post at a time.

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