Fashion Diary: Fashion Philosophy

Hey Lovelies,

When it comes to fashion and personal style, I have very simple philosophies:

  • I buy multiples of styles and silhouettes that work
  • I wear color, lots of color!
  • I dress the body I have right now and build a wardrobe that reflects THAT body

Over the years, I have relied on these strategies to build the foundation of my wardrobe.  Every season or impulsive buying session (whichever comes first) I add a few funky and edgy pieces here and there, but the building blocks of my wardrobe are consistent.  Trends come and go and although some stick around longer than I’d like, some things don’t change.. like the colors that look great on my skin tone and the cuts and silhouettes that flatter my body in general whether I am up or down 10 pounds.

In this week’s fashion diary, I am going to share a few of my favorite wardrobe items that are line with the first and most important fashion (shopping) philosophy in my book: Buy multiples of styles that work.  This post is part of a three post series featuring my philosophies on shopping and personal style, so please stay tuned for the next two fashion philosophies.

Philosophy #1 – Multiples, Multiples, Multiples

These are the items that can be found in my closet (in some variation) every season. Those who know me, know, I buy multiples of everything I love. Why? Because they work well and there is no greater peace of mind than knowing exactly how an item will fit and how I will feel after eight hours of wear.  Predictability is priceless when it comes to personal style and fashion.

And while I endorse buying multiples, please note, it is a not a license to buy everything multiples times, that’s a recipe to end up broke!

I don’t go out and buy the things I like in every color, I have rules for what I do and don’t buy multiples of (yes, rules for the rule!) and when I allow myself to buy multiples; I make sure:

  • I buy multiples of everyday items that are the brick and mortar of my wardrobe like dress pants, cardigans, dress pumps, blazers etc.
  • The fit of the item is great and does not require tailoring or alterations
  • I buy multiples of high quality items with great cost per wear
  • I start with the colors that meet my needs at the time and wait for the item to go on sale, when the item goes on sale I buy the item in additional colors to fill gaps in my wardrobe

Below is an example of a pair of shoes and pants that I own at least 4 pairs of in different colors:

                                                     The pumps made for Walking… INC Zitah

You have seen these pumps in different variations in my fashion diary pics. I feel like I wear a pair almost every day! Living in NYC means wearing comfortable shoes is non negotiable and when you add drop offs and pick ups for my  6 yr. old and 11 yr. old, I need to wear shoes I can practically run in!  The Zitah pump delivers in style, with a 3 inch heel and a memory foam insole.  They are sooooooo comfortable!! I used every sale last Fall and Spring as an excuse to purchase a new pair.  The first pair of Zitah pumps I purchased was in Black for an interview, after having walked almost a mile in these pumps without developing a blister, I decided I would reward myself with a second pair in Nude.

So, lets look at how I applied the rules above:

  1. The shoe retails at about $70, not a bad price for the actual quality and I wear pumps A LOT!
  2. The fit is perfect! I don’t need insoles or any other addition for comfort
  3. The shoes have great cost per wear, cost per wear= cost of item/# of times item is worn; so if I wear a $70 shoe 20 times, the cost per wear is $3.50, right around the price of a cup of coffee in NYC!
  4. The first pairs I bought were black and nude and then I added pops of colors and last I added metallic and calf hair


                 The straight leg pant that is fitted AND cropped… The J.Crew Patio Pant

I love everything about these pants, from the ankle grazing length (which means I don’t have to hem), to the straight leg and the perfect mid rise that guarantees these pants hug AND flare away in all the right places. I buy these pants in the summer in double serge cotton and in the winter in double serge wool.  At the moment, I have about 6 pairs and while J.Crew may not always make this silhouette, there is always a brand that makes a silhouette that is just perfect for you and when you come across this opportunity, buy as many as makes sense.  Once again here was my thought process:

  1. Dress pants are a staple in my wardrobe, I wear dress pants more that I wear Jeans, so a great fitting pant in as many variations as possible is a good investment for me
  2. The pant fits wonderfully! They’re cropped, so no hemming!
  3. The pants retail at about $90, if I wear them 30 times, the cost per wear is about $3
  4. The first pair I bought was Navy, then I added a few pop of color (red and pink) and last a winter white pair

Next time you are prepping for a shopping trip, look at your fave pieces and consider if you should be buying a multiple in a different color or fabric.  Stay tuned for the next, Fashion Diary featuring my strategy on wearing color!  If you have a similar strategy please share below in the comments section.


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