Taking my own advice….

Hey Lovelies!

I know I promised you a Fall Fashion outlook and my Curly Hair routine this week and its coming…. just not today.  Why? Well because I got an opportunity to activate an item on my life bucket list last week and rather than pressing the snooze button, I took on the challenge and did something for myself that day that my future self would thank me for. I signed up for GRE prep course with the intention to take the GRE and prepare my application to a PhD program!

I am going to tell you two secrets about me….  The first, I am a dreamer, a img_0510visionary and sometimes, I leave it at that!  A dream, a vision, an inspiration… tons of inspiration! And, truthfully, with all the roles I play and the volume of activity in my life, who could blame me?? I am busy woman!

I can blame me!  I know what I want in life, I know what I have to do to get there, but sometimes the work seems so unsurmountable that its just easier to dream and say I am going to do it and NOT do it.  Today, I am grateful for the people in my life who hold me accountable and remind me that a dream and a goal without action remain so, a dream and a goal.

Here is the second secret about me, I have moments (very brief moments) of impulsive bravery.  They don’t come often, but when they do, they have produced some of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I had such a moment two weeks ago while having a conversation with a colleague and friend about her GRE class.  Over the past few months, I have encouraged her to proactively pursue the first few steps in applying to graduate school, ergonomically packed into my encouragements were my accountability statements and next steps.  Suddenly, she stops and asks me about my progress in applying to a PHD program?  Here is how that went:

Her: Aren’t you the one who always tells me “this PHD isn’t going to get itself”

Me: I have to take the GRE

Her: So why didn’t you sign up for a prep class?

Me: It’s closed now

Her: really? The class didn’t look that full, I think some people dropped the class

Me: (convinced the course would be closed) yup it is closed, I’ll sign up for the next one.

Casually calling my bluff, she walks over to my computer, pulls up the registration page and almost like black magic a seat opens up for the class! she looks over with a “bullshit” expression and I am flabbergasted.  I felt like the atomic bomb went off!

Her: Look at that, one seat, just for you, its meant to be!

Seeing as all that was left of my excuses were ashes and dust, I bit the bullet and signed up for the open slot.

Fast forward two weeks, I have attended my fist two sessions, am working on my second homework assignment and know I will stick with it because, said friend is in class with me…… and I really needed to take that first step.  Here is the miraculous thing about these brief inconsistent moments of bravery I referenced earlier, I don’t question things and double guess myself or create my own “cukos” (spanish version the boogey man).  My mother has always said “de cualquier llagua vieja puede salir tremendo alacran” the verbatim Spanish transition is “a scorpio can creep out of any old piece of wood” but in essence the message the infamous saying conveys (one of many) is “anyone can become anything he she wants to become because where you come from does not dictate who you become” so why not take a leap of faith!  And once again, just like many other rewarding experiences, including the creation of this blog, I am taking a leap of faith, wish me luck my brilliant friends.

PS… I intend to walk this journey in heels, wearing my Sunday best and rocking my curls, so stay tuned for all of that too!!


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Being a Mom, a Leader, a Wife and an Individual is not easy to handle all at once. Fractured Brilliance is about committing to be everything your heart desires in life. It is a weekly spark of my many brilliant sides that gives my multiple selves a space to shine one post at a time.

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