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Happy Sunday Lovelies!

The Summer is officially coming to an end! As we prepare to pack up our summer rags, gets the kids ready for school AND/OR get our minds ready to accept that summer work hours have ended!! a new dilemma is approaching a closet near you….what to wear during the transition weeks of 50-80-50 degree weather (50 degrees in the morning, 80 degrees at noon and 50 degrees by early evening).

My wardrobe is in a Fall state of mind! I am beginning to ween myself off of bright and airy summer dresses and into LBD’s; pairing my flowy silk skirts with long sleeve leotards and pumps and layering, layering, layering!  This week’s fashion diary features my go to seasonal transition strategies.  For the next few weeks my outfits will look like varying iterations of this:

Strategy: LBD (little black dress) for day

Black Dress: Banana Republic, Shoes: Gap, Bracelet: Vintage Monet, Watch: Vintage Citizen, Bangle: Jcrew

I love the ruffle details of this dress, I paired it with a nude strappy wedge sandal to lighten up the  cocktail party effect it could have if paired with heels.   Since my color palette was neutral, I accessorized with a gold tone bracelet, watch and bangle combo.

Strategy: Pair silk skirt with suede pumps and long sleeve body suit

                            White Bodysuit: Forever21, Skirt: DKNY, Pump: INC

The skirt is made of the most beautiful silk, oh so comfy! the basic white v neck bodysuit dresses it down a little and the suede purple pumps add a colorful dose of fun!

Strategy: Layer, Layer, Layer!

                 Suit shell: Calvin Klein, Ponte Pants: Jcrew, Sheer Shirt: H&M, Bootie: Nine West

When I transitioned into Higher Education last year I had to quickly figure out how to make my suiting pieces work in a more casual environment as 80% of my wardrobe consisted of suit separates.  This black and blue top is a perfect example of dressing down a suiting separate.  I layered the black and blue suit shell over a sheer white button down and paired it with black ponte pants and fun booties.  The layers were light enough to accommodate both 80 and 50 degree weather!

How do you make this crazy weather work?

Have wonderful Labor Day weekend!!


Fractured brilliance

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Being a Mom, a Leader, a Wife and an Individual is not easy to handle all at once. Fractured Brilliance is about committing to be everything your heart desires in life. It is a weekly spark of my many brilliant sides that gives my multiple selves a space to shine one post at a time.

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