Makeup from faraway places


Some people buy souvenirs when they travel.. a mug, a keychain, a refrigerator magnet…I buy makeup! Yes, makeup! In fact, I often visit the same stores in vacation cities that I frequent in my home city like target, Walmart, Sephora Etc. for two reasons: First, big box stores have tiered distribution and as a result a different selection of merchandise in most stores.  The second, some stores are test sites for specific products and carry lines or products within certain beauty lines that are not available anywhere else.  I am always hunting for these stores when I’m on the road because I can often find beauty products that I have been wanting to try but was hesitant to order online because its hard to match colors/shades on a screen.  A perfect example of this phenomena, the FLOWER beauty line by Drew Barrymore sold exclusively at select Walmart stores and

I have known about the FLOWER beauty line for about two years, it has gotten good coverage in magazines but I never found the products in any of the Walmart’s I frequented in either NY or NJ.  During our family trip to the Poconos, we stopped at Walmart to pick up beach trip essentials and wala!! There it was, snuggled between L’Oréal and Almay, the brand I have been wanting to try for almost two years! After convincing myself to NOT buy the entire line and ONLY buy items I actually needed and/or were forgiving in terms of shade matches, I picked up the following:

Translucent Powder in L02– The shade of this powder is perfect for my medium tan skin tone and the coverage is buildable.  The last two weeks NYC has had incredibly timid weather in the high 90’s, so to keep things simple I I have simply dusted this powder over my sunscreen and called it a day!


Glisten Up Highlighter Chubby in Gold Coaster– This is sunshine in a push up stick! The perfect combination of color and sheen, but no glitter! This highlighter has a very natural finish and highlights in a very flattering way.

Lighten Up Brightening Concealer in BC4- In my opinion this concealer is perfect to use over a corrector, it’s the kind of concealer that blends into the skin.  The consistency is very balanced, not too creamy, not too watery, and I love the fact that it has a matte finish.

Who knew the Poconos Walmart would have such a sprawling offering of makeup lines!! Impressive!

Lastly, during my trip trip to Williamsburg Virginia, I picked up a hair mask that has changed my curl life!  It’s not available in my local NYC targets and if tit is, it must always be sold out because I had never seen it before. The Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack brought my highlighted curls back to life after 4 consecutive days in the pool followed by 100-degree sun that was beaming on my un protected hair!  At $1.50 a packet it was inexpensive enough to not care about tossing an unfinished packet if I didn’t like how the conditioner felt on my  hair or the smell of the product. It turns out both were great and the results were amazing!  This mask easily rivals any $50-$60 mask on the market.  It worked wonders on my 3B curls that were parched from bleach and sun exposure.  It is now on my deep conditioner rotation and I use it once a month.

So next time you are on the road, consider stopping by your local Target or Walmart, you never know if you’ll hit the beauty jackpot!!


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