My Philosophy on Work-Life balance

Hello my brilliant friends! Its Sunday and Sundays are my check in day for family-work-life balance.  I often get asked how I balance my many lives (besides starting a blog that lets me be all things at once)?  I am often asked if I think I can have it all? The elusive work life balance, my friends, is the never ending question, can I be a mother, wife, friend, Leader, advocate and daughter all at once? In my opinion, the answer is yes and no!

A couple years ago, while I was going through grad school and working full time, right after having my second child, I found myself overwhelmed in a way I had never experienced before.  The balancing act of being a working mom had always been a part of my reality as they both took off at about the same time. But this time the pressure was different, I felt like everyone was getting their fair share of my time except for me. I felt I was losing my sense of self although all the other aspects of my life, my career and home life, were blossoming just fine.  So I adopted a new work-life balance philosophy, because the one I subscribed to before (do it all and be superwoman, in heels) was not working and you can’t pour from an empty cup, you just CAN’T.

So here is my current strategy: I LIVE LIFE A WEEK AT A TIME! I retool on Sundays; I start fresh on Mondays.

It doesn’t sound very strategic, but the truth is this philosophy allows me to be flexible and nimble.  On Sunday mornings, while I have my morning coffee, I evaluate the week, I consider what needed my time most (kids, husband, work, family) and I compare that to where most of my time went.  Most importantly, as I review my week and consider what got done well and what didn’t, I am just as compassionate with myself as I am with others.  The truth is I am doing my best, giving it my all and doing what’s best for me and my clan EVERY DAY.  It’s what I would ask of others? So why can’t I hold myself accountable for that (and just that) as well?

I know I can’t split my time evenly to give every role in my life its fair share every day.. but If at the end of the week, I can look back and ensure the needs of all my Selves in her respective roles were met while still having the opportunity to retool and coordinate a better approach the following week, that’s what family work life balance looks like!

Here are some pics of my life balancing act in action!


What’s your work-life balance philosophy?

Have an amazing week lovelies!!!

Much Love,

Fractured Brilliance

Author: fracturedbrilliance

Being a Mom, a Leader, a Wife and an Individual is not easy to handle all at once. Fractured Brilliance is about committing to be everything your heart desires in life. It is a weekly spark of my many brilliant sides that gives my multiple selves a space to shine one post at a time.

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