Amazing Woman……..

I am blessed in so many ways, I have a wonderful family, great husband, two amazing children and an incredible core group of friends that are intellectually generous!

In this core group of friends are some of the most amazing women I have met, they are compassionate, supportive, the greatest source of empowerment and a one man army when it’s time to get things done. At the core of their leadership support is their belief in other leaders and their ability to achieve. I love them for that!

One of my goals with Fractured Brilliance is to create an online community where I can share the moments of brilliance I have in my life and create a space where others in my network can do the same. How this decision came about was simple, a voice deep inside me said or rather asked:

Self, what would happen if you supported yourself with the same zeal and determination that you support others? I mean what would be the worst that could happen, if tomorrow, you started working on making your dreams a reality? What if you worked as hard on achieving this dream as you do when you are working for an organization whose mission you believe in, whose work you support, whose leadership you respect. I mean, I absolutely get that when you’ve worked hard for such organization, you’ve done so for a salary, but what if your “salary” was fulfillment, happiness and success, would that be comparable? Would it be worth it? Can you do what you do for others, for yourself? If you did, what is the worst that could happen? And, is that worst case scenario, worse than your inaction?

 Honestly, is it worse than a life full of daydreams and would haves, could haves and should haves? What is actually the worst thing that can happen if you believed in yourself and acted on those beliefs? You know the way you do every day for everyone you love and respect…

 So, my dear friends, here is my leap of faith, I give you Fractured Brilliance….because trying to make a dream a reality is better than wishing it to reality. To the hundreds of amazing women who have had this conversation with their inner voice (or a version of it), let 2015 be the year, we plan for that “worst case scenario” and take a leap of faith, believing in the best in “us”.


Fractured Brilliance

Author: fracturedbrilliance

Being a Mom, a Leader, a Wife and an Individual is not easy to handle all at once. Fractured Brilliance is about committing to be everything your heart desires in life. It is a weekly spark of my many brilliant sides that gives my multiple selves a space to shine one post at a time.

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